D12: Justine Siegal makes history with batting practice session

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1. Two years ago, I was talking with Tim Brown in the lobby at the winter meetings in Indianapolis when a woman approached and introduced herself. Her name was Justine Siegal, her business card read "Baseball For All" and she was unbelievably passionate about getting more women involved in the game.

One of her goals that she mentioned that night was becoming the first woman to pitch batting practice to a big league club and I couldn't do anything but smile after seeing her do just that with the Cleveland Indians on Monday. Justine continues to be a great role model — not only for her 13-year-old daughter and other young women, but for all of us who are working toward a dream that others say isn't possible. Y! Sports

2. On the flip side, Jason Kendall(notes) hasn't been a good role model lately. Listen as the old backstop goes nuts during a radio reporter's fawning attempt to interview young Mike Moustakas(notes). Royals Review

3. Bryce Harper's(notes) biggest challenge at his first spring training? Surviving the horde of autograph hounds that engulfs him at every turn. Nationals Journal

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STEW NEWS! We're adding a new Steward to the BLS team and his debut column will drop later Tuesday. DB's swing through spring also continues as he files a report from Surprise, spring training home of the Texas Rangers and Kansas City Royals.

4. Albert Pujols(notes) isn't officially on the market yet, but one of baseball's teams is unofficially out of the bidding. Says Chicago White Sox GM Kenny Williams: "If [Jerry Reinsdorf] gave me $30MM dollars right now, I'm not going to spend it on one guy. Sorry White Sox fans." MLBTR

5. Jason Bay(notes) is such a swell guy that he says Jason Isringhausen(notes) can have his old No. 44 back, free of charge, if he makes the New York Mets coming out of spring training. NY Times

6. OK, so if you have Tim Lincecum(notes) or CC Sabathia(notes) on your staff, it's an easy thing to name your opening-day starter six weeks beforehand. But Ryan Dempster(notes)? Hire Jim Essian!

7. Mike Trout(notes) drew a tough opponent in his first live BP in Tempe: Dan Haren(notes). ESPN LA

8. Here's a great overview on a storyline that's always interested me: Gary Sheffield's(notes) turbulent time with the Milwaukee Brewers. Brew Crew Ball

9. The Marlins seem fine with the fact that we're all acting like it's the Phillies world and the rest of the NL East is just living in it. Associated Press

10. Remembering Tom Brunansky's great age 21 season in 1982. Puckett's Pond

11. Braves fans' least favorite game: Nate McLouth(notes) or Jordan Schafer(notes)? Talking Chop

12. My new favorite game: Chris Archer(notes) or the Dalai Lama? DRaysBay

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