D12: Games on! Braves vs. Mets lead spring openers today

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1. Tommy Hanson(notes) (right) probably won't pitch underhanded to Jose Reyes — but he would be cooler if he did. MLB.com

2. What's up with Jerry Manuel batting Jose Reyes third? Joel Sherman wonders aloud. N.Y. Post

3. Revenge?!?! It was 11 months ago today Manatee Junior College beat the Pittsburgh Pirates. RTJR

4. MLB is banning some maple bats in the minors. AP (via MLB Sports Daily)

5. The Chicago White Sox, described the South Park way. The Offseason (via Youtube)

6. Listing agent Bill James pegs Seattle Mariners ace King Felix Hernandez(notes) as the most valuable young player in the game. Seattle P.I.

7. FYI — Mike Lowell and his healed thumb are still on the Red Sox. Boston Globe

8. Support for Lou Piniella playing 19-year-old shortstop Starlin Castro(notes). Chicago Tribune

9. Where is Reds prospect Yonder Alonso(notes) going to play considering slugger Joey Votto(notes) stands in the way? Cnati

10. Canadian male and Blue Jays right-hander Scott Richmond(notes) enjoys the gold medal from Team Canada's Olympic hockey victory. Blue Jay Hunter

11. Jim Edmonds(notes) probably should get into the Hall of Fame someday. Baseball-Reference

12. ESPN reporter Erin Andrews kicks up her heels for Dancing with the Stars. Deadspin

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