D12: Bud Selig to retire in 2012? We'll believe it when we see it

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1. First things first: We didn't interrupt our holiday merrymaking to blog about the report that commissioner Bud Selig plans to step aside in 2012 and that's because ... Chicago Tribune
2. ... Pat Lackey points out that he's made these types of plans before. Can we really believe that Bud is serious about moving along this time around? Fanhouse
3. It's unpossible to unsee the racy photos of Grady Sizemore(notes) that were reportedly stolen from his personal computer. But can the cops catch the culprit? Deadspin
4. Will Leitch thinks the Yanks should pull out all stops to sign Matt Holliday(notes). NY Mag
5. The Angels and Dodgers claim to be sharing a pair of payroll handcuffs. LA Times
6. Roberto Alomar is in his first year of HOF eligibility and Jeff Blair will vote for him. Globe and Mail
7. A completely irrelevant fact that will take up space in your brain: If you double Matt Morris'(notes) career stats line, you get the career output of one Jack Morris. Viva El Birdos
8. Will Marco Scutaro(notes) destined be the next shortstop that Boston fans will fret over? Red Sox Monster
9. Erik Bedard(notes) to Kansas City? Royals fans weigh the possibility. Royals Review
10. The Tigers and Cubs still talking about Curtis Granderson(notes) and Edwin Jackson(notes). Sporting News
11. There's a good chance Derek Jeter(notes) will be named SI's Sportsman of the Year today. LoHud
12. Hard to believe, but the Yankees' store sold more merch on Black Friday than the Mets' shop. NYT

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