D12: Boston's lineup serves up a super six-pack at Fenway

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1. Six Boston homers in one game? Ah, Baltimore's in town. Red Sox Monster
9/9/09 — A tribute to Bill Mazeroski, Roger Maris and Ted Williams. Walkoff Walk
3. Cole and Heidi Hamels are back to weirding out everyone in Philly. The 700 Level
4. John Feinstein ponders the sad story of the Pittsburgh Pirates. On The Brink
San Francisco's Juan Uribe(notes) has been one of the league's best bargains. Bay City Ball
6. Marlins left fielder Chris Coghlan(notes) is finally getting plenty of NL ROY hype. Fish Stripes
The injury-ravaged Mets sent the most players to the WBC ... coincidence? Amazin' Avenue
8. On the subject of Ichiro(notes) and his continued use of an interpreter for the media. Seattle Times
Does the recently recalled Alex Gordon(notes) need a change of scenery next season? The Smirk
10. For having led the NL West all season, the Dodgers are still lacking in love. Sons of Steve Garvey
11. Kevin Towers thinks Pads will be "pretty good" in '10, but fails to define "pretty good." FanGraphs
12. Contrarian link of the day: Why Johnny Damon(notes) is the the AL's MVP. Ump Bump

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