D-backs fan catches two home runs in one game, throws back Yasiel Puig's

If you thought Senator John McCain had the most fun at the Diamondbacks 18-7 shellacking of the Los Angeles Dodgers on Saturday night, you'd probably be correct. But not far behind was D-backs fan Cameron Wright, who caught not just one home run ball during the high-scoring affair, but one from each team.

Indeed, Wright defied the odds, which according to MLB's Cut 4 have been set at anywhere between 1 in 1,000 and 1 in 5,000. And it's not as if he was seated by one of the foul poles or in the front row of either power alley, he was actually in an elevated section just to the left of center field. In other words, it took a good poke to get it there, but Wright was ready.

Here's an interesting twist to the story though: Wright actually challenged the long odds when he voluntarily threw back Yasiel Puig's third inning two-run homer.

Crazy, right? Catching one home run, regardless of who hit it, at an MLB ballpark is not only lucky, but it's pretty cool. And when you consider it's Puig, perhaps the most talked about player in the league and definitely one of its most talented, it seems like a cool souvenir to grab. But Wright's plan coming in was to throw back any Dodgers home runs, especially if it was Puig's, so he just stuck to his plan.

Fortunately for him, just one inning later he'd get another opportunity, this time when Arizona's Chris Owings launched one towards his location. This time, Wright didn't technically catch the baseball, but after it rattled around his section a bit, he picked it off the ground and held it high. That one he'll be keeping, but it wasn't for himself. He actually presented it to his mom, who was at the game celebrating her 50th birthday.

Nice job. Cameron.

And congratulations on joining a small group of fans who have been so fortunate. According to Cut 4, it happened once in 2005 at Minute Maid Park in Houston. And most recently. Cincinnati Reds fan Caleb Lloyd caught home run balls from back-to-back hitters in 2012 at the Great American Ballpark.

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