Cue the outrage machine: There was a baby with a beer during The Oakland A’s division title celebration

Mike Oz

There's a photo making the Internet rounds of a baby with a Bud Light can hoisted up to its mouth during the Oakland Athletics' AL West championship celebration on Sunday.

Why? Well, there could be any number of reasons, we suppose. Maybe the child is teething and the cold bottle helped soothe the pain. Maybe someone just thought it would be funny to take a picture of a baby with a beer can. Wouldn't be the first time — or the 1,000,000th time, for that matter.

But there's an obvious answer here: The A's are a classless and immature organization. Surely, there's an elected official drafting a tweet right now to condemn them.

And the Red Sox? Their chewing out has to be coming too. After all, one of their players booted a beer can into the stands and it bloodied a fan. How much more immature and spoiled can you be? Since that happened over the weekend, the outrage machine must be moving slow. Maybe it's busy worried about touchdown celebrations in football or something like that.

If a newspaper columnist or elected official doesn't act soon, maybe Senator John McCain can come back and lambast another baseball team for an unsavory celebration. Speaking of, let's go check his Twitter feed to see if McCain had anything to say over the weekend about baseball's celebration shenanigans.


Close call. It's just a good thing neither of these teams decided to — *shudder*go swimming.

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