Cubs tickets among the few forces resistant to market troubles

If the nation's ticket scalpers — enough with this "broker" nonsense, OK? — get through this latest economic downturn without any significant damage, they're going to owe a few Christmas cards to the Chicago Cubs.

While even designer stocks took a hit on Monday and the ALDS isn't selling as well as it should be, the draw of the Cubs-Dodgers is still pulling steady numbers in the secondary market, real world financial factors or not. StubHub's average ticket price to Wednesday and Thursday's games at Wrigley is at $338 while the average to the two games at Dodger Stadium is at $114 and the two Angels-Red Sox games in Anaheim is at $103.

It's understandable why Dodger Stadium would have a lower average price than Wrigley, seeing as how it holds about 13K more fans, thefore providing a higher supply.

The drop in the AL price (last year's average in Anaheim was $146), however, may not be entirely related to the shrinking pool of expendable income.

From the Los Angeles Times:

StubHub spokesman Sean Pate tied the drop in average ticket prices for the AL teams to a been-there, done-that mentality.

"Both series are sold out, I believe, but the resale market value of ticket is down to a real affordable level because the same two teams played last year," Pate said.

Fair enough, I suppose.

As the article states, it's almost a 100 percent certainty that Cubs tickets prices should set records if they make it all the way to the World Series. After all, the market has gone in the tank more than a few times since the last Cubs World Series.

And while it's certain that it will come up and down again, just like any market cycle, you can't say the same for the Cubs returning to October.

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