Cubs pitcher hits Cubs batter with pitch (Video)

When they're editing the World Series championship video for the 2016 Chicago Cubs, they're going to need some highlights to show what kind of team that Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer inherited in 2012. You know, to exhibit how far they had come, what kind of incompetence they had conquered and on and on.

One highlight that will definitely make the reel occurred during Monday's 15-4 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers. Watch as Cubs outfielder David DeJesus draws a walk in what was a two-run game, only to be hit with a wayward pitch from the Cubs bullpen a moment later:

How that ends up happening, I honestly have no idea. The Cubs bullpen is well down the third base line and at least far enough away that you'd think a ball wouldn't be able to get to the batter's circle with such speed.

But it made a lot more sense once the ninth inning rolled around. The Cubs bullpen gave up nine insurance runs to the Brewers and needed 39 pitches before recording a single out. Oh, and it contributed another string of lowlights for that reel we were talking about giving up back-to-back-to-back homers to Ryan Braun, Aramis Ramirez and Corey Hart.

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