Cubs outfielder Junior Lake plays a whole inning in the wrong jersey

The Chicago Cubs played a 16-inning marathon game Wednesday night, so maybe you can cut outfielder Junior Lake a little bit of slack for this goof. On Thursday afternoon, as the Cubs finished their series with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Lake dug out the wrong jersey and wore it on the field.


That's Anthony Rizzo on the right. Like every Cub not named Junior Lake, he was wearing the correct gray "Cubs" jersey Thursday. 

With all the different jerseys MLB teams wear these days, Lake is hardly the first player to put on the wrong jersey before a game. The fact that nobody else noticed in the clubhouse and told him to change is surprising, while the fact that Lake played entire first inning in the wrong jersey is another wonderful occurrence in the failtastic existence of the Cubs.

By the top of the second inning, Lake had emerged from the clubhouse in the correct jersey. 

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