Cubs fans form link around Wrigley in protest of Jim Edmonds

Some of you probably think I'm overreacting to what appears to be the done deal of Jim Edmonds clearing waivers and becoming a Chicago Cub at some point today. Some of you may think I am inappropriately speaking for an entire nation of Cubs fan that does not share the same petty dislike and stubborn stance toward putting him in Chicago pinstripes and Wrigley Field's home locker room.

To those accusations, I offer the below reactions from a few of the biggest Cubs' blogs, a group of influentials who haven't referred to Edmonds as anything but Lassie since he was actually an impact-type player for the Cardinals. (I'll let you adults research that nickname on your own.)

Goat Riders of the Apocalypse: "Since Edmonds is the newest Cub, he shall be designated as a rookie for the duration of the '08 season (even if real rookies later join the squad). Consequently, he shall be forced to wear women's garments on all road trips, and he shall be taunted and bullied before every game. ...come to think of it, this is not unlike his normal routine."

View From The Bleachers: "I just pictured him in a Cubs uniform. His evil was burning through it like in Raiders of the Lost Ark when the Ark burned the Nazi symbol off the box it was in. (That’s not a perfect analogy because in that instance the good was burning through the evil, but the visual is right.)"

Hire Jim Essian: "Jim Hendry, you’ve done an awful lot of dumb things in your tenure as the Chicago Cubs’ general manager. You signed Neifi Perez a couple of times. You thought Shawn Estes belonged in a starting rotation. You traded Kyle Farnsworth right after a crap year instead of right after a good year. You ate that whole cheesecake that had been sitting out on the counter for a week, even though I told you that the top shouldn’t feel slimy. I’ve forgiven you for most of those things. But so help you God, if you sign Jim Edmonds, you are dead to me."

Desipio: "Old Lassie’s a winner. He’s got some nice postseason numbers (in 61 postseason games) .277/.365/.523 with 13 homers, 42 RBI. That’s great. You know who else has nice postseason numbers? Mickey Mantle. He can’t play anymore either."

While some of you who don't live along I-55 may have never heard of this dislike for Edmonds before, be assured that it's one of those rivalry byproducts in which one single player becomes the living object and target for all the negative feelings from the other side. Think Steve Spurrier for the rest of the SEC when he was coaching Florida. Think Tyler Hansbrough for all of those who hate UNC's powder blue or J.J. Redic for everyone who hates Duke's Blue Devil.

When it comes to Edmonds, he's that player that Chicago fans have always loved to hate. Funny thing is, now that he's here, he's going to continue to play the same role. Jerry Seinfeld once said that all we're doing is rooting for laundry, but I'm pretty sure Cubs fans are going to prove him wrong on this one.

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