Cubs fan showcases tremendous hands while reeling in dangerous foul ball (Video)

Cubs fan showcases tremendous hands while reeling in dangerous foul ball (Video)

No beers were sacrificed in the attempt to catch this foul ball, but that's not to say there were no substantial risks involved. In fact, I would confidently say the Cubs fan seated front row in the upper deck at Wrigley Field on Saturday afternoon was willing to put a whole lot more than a beverage on the line to reel in a souvenir.

Fortunately for him, he had two big things working in his favor as he leaned precariously over the railing with Ike Davis' foul ball slicing in his direction.

The first would be his tremendous balance, as he managed to keep himself steady while extending his arms as far as they would go.

The second are his exceptional hands.

Seriously. That was all about the hands. Even Keith Hernandez, a Gold Glove first baseman in his day who knows how important soft hands are in fielding a baseball, was impressed by how easily the fan was able to snatch the baseball and secure it from that position. And Keith doesn't impress easy, folks, so that's a pretty solid endorsement.

I'll throw my own endorsement in there as well. It was a terrific play. But I'll once again add that bringing a glove to the ballpark it still the best way to go.

Also, kids, if you're reading, don't try copycatting that play at your local stadium or anywhere else. It's far too dangerous and not worth the risk for a baseball. If there's a railing in place, it's there for a reason.

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