Create-a-Caption: 'Watch it! Jeremy's had quite a day!'

These Marlins are a resilient bunch. Despite losing six of their last nine and earning the league's smallest paycheck, they're still only one game behind the Phillies for first place in the NL East.

Philadelphia has done its part, sure, losing 11 of its last 14, but with Jorge Cantu's RBI single that brought home Jeremy Hermida with Sunday's game-winner against Arizona (scene above) the Marlins have reached the midpoint of their season with a much-better-than-expected 42-39 record.

So have at it, amateur Internet copywriters. How should the caption to rookie Robert Andino (11) getting denied his chance to congratulate Hermida after the the victory read?

Follow the jump for winners from Retro Friday's C-A-C:

"Charlie-O, you magnificent mule, you!"

1st — crook3dnumb3rs.

If I had my own hands I wouldn't be drinking with these losers.

2nd — This is Dave. Hello There!

"President Franklin Roosevelt celebrates Opening Day by toasting with his wife, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt (left) and his assistant James Byrnes inside the Oval Office."

3rd — djsperr.

With each drink, Charlie-O looks more and more like the next A's starting center fielder.

HM — B.A.D.

Ed. note: B.A.D actually had the funniest most LOL response, yet I couldn't quite get myself to reprint it here. Trust me. It was so wicked, it was funny.

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