Create-a-Caption: 'So that's how Gomes got his Rayhawk'

Ah, Jonny Gomes — you're the non-playoff roster gift that keeps on giving. I don't know what that gigantic flame was doing behind your head before Game 1 of the ALCS and frankly I don't want to know. Just keep getting yourself into situations that call for a Create-a-Caption and you'll be a postseason hero in any book.

(You amateur Internet copy editors know the drill ... How should this caption read?)

Follow the jump for winners from the last Gomes' C-a-C:

"And starting for the Rays at lumberjack ..."

1st — Dave D.

"I got a 6-foot deep hole in back for Mr. Krispies if he starts to run his mouth again"

2nd— Anrkist.

"Josh Beckett better watch his ankles or I'll give him the Curt Schilling special."

3rd — Random Clown.

"Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho. It's home from the ALCS we go."