Create-a-Caption: Spring training is here and R.A. Dickey wants to give it a big hug

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Oh joyous day, spring training is here. Fans are celebrating. Teams are celebrating. So are the players. At least that's what it looks like R.A. Dickey is doing here.

The photo comes from MLB's Instagram acccount. It looks to us like Dickey -- the reigning National League Cy Young winner who now finds himself in the American League with the Toronto Blue Jays -- is overjoyed to be back on the baseball field. But he could be doing some kind of Canadian knuckleball yoga or praying to Alex Anthopoulos.

There are any number of possibilities, actually. So have at it, amateur Internet copy editors. Create your own caption for the Dickey photo.

Follow the jump for winners from our last C-a-C, featuring Barry Zito and his wife.

Barry Zito and wife exercise their rights in the celebrity luxury lounge

1st -- ManBearPig: "Barry Zito and his wife reenacting the day in 2007 when the robbed the San Francisco Giants of 126 million dollars."

2nd -- Dix: "Wow honey, these toy guns really do shoot darts faster than my fast ball..."

3rd -- Matt: "As if you didn't need another reason to dislike me, check out my hipster clothes and my hot wife."

Pitchers and catchers are reporting.
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