Create-a-Caption: Jim Leyland helps Tony La Russa scratch his itch at Tigers camp

Big League Stew

OK, first things first: I unfortunately have to call a false start on the Roy Halladay hot rod C-a-C. The sight of the Phillies pitcher leaving spring training in such high style was so cool that it went out on Yahoo's front page and a bunch of humorless people and way-too-literal gearheads flooded our l'il competition. I apologize to anyone who had a good submission lost among the tidal wave of confusion and indignation.

The good news is that we can resume having fun because there's almost zero chance of Tony La Russa's visit with Jim Leyland at the Detroit Tigers camp on Tuesday reaching the general population. The former Cardinals manager is in talks with MLB about a job but has been spending some of his retirement oohing and aahing at what Jimmy Smokes has to play with this season.

So have at it, amateur Internet copy editors of the world. How should this caption read?

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