Create-a-Caption: Hillman and ump point out their differences

Gotta love Royals manager Trey Hillman for still bothering to argue balls and strikes with Paul Emmel on Sunday, even though Kansas City was trailing Detroit 9-0 at the time.

The argument was so intense that Emmel said that some of Hillman's spittle landed on his face, though Hillman said neither the loogy nor the 1,523 "pull my finger" jokes it would cause on Big League Stew were intentional on his part.

So have at it, amateur Internet copy editors of the world. How should this caption read?

Follow the jump for winners from last Thursday's dazed-and-confused C-a-C:

David Wright would be a lot cooler if he did

1st — It's Laker Nation. "All Wright, all Wright, all Wright!"

2nd — Kay Nepp. "Close your eyes ... Imagine a young baseball fan. He's a happy young kid in New York. His eyes bright. His team has just spent a fortune on some of the biggest free agents in baseball. He is wearing one of their jerseys. His team has now coasted in to the post-season ... can you see him? Then, as soon as October begins, it's over. Big dollar players choking to death, one after another. Injuries that resolved months before, spring to life. His team has lost, elminated. It's carnage. The kid is left standing in an empty stadium with nothing but his shattered heart. Can you see him? Picture him now ... now ... no ... imag ... imagine he's a Yankee."

3rd — Nate. "Matthew McConaughey joins the Mets as a 'Getting to 3rd Base Coach'."

HM — Tom. "Your jokes are so funny, Matt ... seriously, though, what was in those brownies you brought to the clubhouse?"

HM — djsperr. "How to lose a division race in 10 days..."