Create-a-Caption: Hanley and the hitchhikers

Big League Stew

Have we ever run a Create-a-Caption photo that was shot by a Stew staff member? I can't remember if we have or not, but this picture I snapped last week in Jupiter seemed like a good opportunity to break AP and Getty's monopoly on the C-a-C contest.

As you can see, that's three members of the Miami Marlins — third baseman Hanley Ramirez, shortstop Jose Reyes and special instructor Jeff Conine — crammed like sardines onto the back of a golf cart piloted by Joey Cora and Andre Dawson. Hanley's instructing me to keep this under wraps, perhaps afraid he'll again be labeled as a loafer.

But it was just too funny of a shot not to share.

So have at it, amateur Internet copy editors of the world. How should this caption read?

Follow the jump for winners from the last C-a-C, featuring A-Rod in the john:

Proof that paparazzi will follow A-Rod anywhere for a picture

1st — Roscoe Romero. "Ok, that looks great Alex. For the next picture we are going to skip the subtle inferences and shoot you next to that toilet, filled with money, and Brian Cashman with his finger on the flusher. Thanks."

2nd — Winz. "Nothing quite demonstrates True Yankee Class like a picture of A Rod in the bathroom."

3rd — JerBear50. "It's only natural that A-Rod begins this season where the last one left off."

HM — Boops. "Don't know what is going on. Don't wanna know what is going on. Just gonna slowly walk out and find another restroom."

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