Create-a-Caption: 'You guys are stretching? Seriously?'

Is it just me or do the Red Sox find themselves in more photos suitable for Create-a-Caption than any other team? I have done no scientific study, but I would bet that they account for almost 75 percent of these posts, which either means they're just more photogenic than the rest of the league or that they have better photogs following them around. Maybe both.

A big reason also has to be David Ortiz, who has a second life as a cartoon character ahead of him.

As for this photo, I have absolutely no idea who or what he's laughing at.

So have at it, amateur Internet copywriters of the world, how should this caption read?

Follow the jump for winners from Monday's C-a-C:

'Ouch! Put this Lemon Chill on that, stet!'

1st — joebitots.

"Quick, get a match!"

2nd — Nieder.

" Did someone say kegstands?"

3rd — Pyramid.

"Hey look, what's Fredbird doing over there by third? Prado, for Gods sake, move your legs!

HM — ferto6.

"The kick is up! The kick is ... "