Create-a-Caption: Chipper plays it cool for a day

Because even those chasing .400* need a break, Chipper Jones sat out today's game, a 6-4 loss to the Marlins which came as the result of a blown save by reliever Manny Acosta.

But when it comes to amateur Internet copywriters, there's never a moment to rest.

So have at it, Stewies.

How should the caption to this Bubblicious photo of Chipper read?

*I'm actually not sure how you can be 'chasing .400' when you're actually hitting above it. Is there a term for Chipper's situation that I'm not aware of?

After the jump, find winners from last Friday's C-A-C:

Yost tells McClung he's McDone

1st — Baller8184198.

Ned: "Give me the ball."
Seth: "Fine. I was done anyway. I'll pretend like I'm mad and look at the chick in the 4th row."

2nd — John H.

"I'm sorry coach, it's just that Prince was my first pick in the fantasy draft and he is a huge let down."

3rd — Will B.

Be here longer than you will, Ned!

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