Create-a-Caption: Chipper and the Cap’n

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

Quick! Is this Chipper Jones mugging after hitting a double at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday or Bette Middler posing for the cover of her latest Broadway playbill. No matter your answer, let's all hope that Derek Jeter is taking notes for any farewell tours he might stage in the future. Jazz hands!

So have at it, amateur Internet copy editors of the world. How should this caption read?

Follow the jump for winners from our last C-a-C featuring a great sprinkler impersonation:Jarrod Parker's special talent

1st — JerBear50. "Carnivals should just go back to using clown heads in their squirt-gun games. These realistic ones are kind of creepy."

2nd — Bryan W. "I''m getting run support?!"

3rd — Chuck. "Hey Valverde! This is what a REAL spitball looks like!"

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