Create-a-Caption: Buck Showalter accommodates autograph requests for three Amish gentlemen


So I've landed in Florida for my half of our Grapefruit League Spring Swing and I have to say that I hadn't planned on visiting the Baltimore Orioles this year. I may have to reconsider, however, if the O's first exhibition opponent is a team from Amish country. (And yes, this is probably the best C-a-C picture we'll get from spring training.)

So have at it, amateur Internet copy editors of the world. How should this caption read?

Follow the jump for winners from our last C-a-C featuring Jim Leyland and Tony La Russa.

Big BLS H/Ns: Mister Irrelevant/Buzzfeed

Jim Leyland helps Tony La Russa scratch his itch

1st —Brad. JL. "Well management said we got a new big-time tiger, but i was expecting Prince, not a real tiger.

TL- Hey Jim? You should probably get your guys off the field. Now.

2nd — Shawn. Do you still have those Tom Emanski videos? cause you are going to need them with this infield.

3rd — Szuless. "Hey Jim, do you need a Defensive Coordinator?"

HM — Mulvi. "No Tony, I don't do double-switches for the first spring workout."