Create-a-Caption: Bad clam chowder does not agree with Paps

Sadly, no new pictures of Jonny Gomes surfaced for today's Create-a-Caption, so we'll just have to go with this picture of Jonathan Papelbon looking despondent after Monday's Game 3 loss. Perhaps something tragic happened to the Papelbon Puppet?

At any rate, have at it, amateur Internet copy editors fo the world. How should this caption read?

Follow the jump for winners from Monday's fiery C-a-C:

'So that's how Gomes got his Rayhawk'

1st — levinebr.

Gomes: " this the ball-game?"
Security Guard: "Naw, buddy. You're at the monster truck show. The game is at 8:15."

2nd — Vaffanculo.

Oh! Oh! Looks like Satan is a bit upset about the dropping of the 'Devil' moniker."

3rd — The Ghost.

"Something's on fire, but it's not Jonny's career."

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