Create-a-Caption: 'My average must be down here somewhere'

If you were watching last night's Red Sox-Orioles game, you had to have a suspicions that Coco Crisp's leap over the wall in pursuit of a Ramon Hernandez 3-run HR (video here) might end up as a Create-a-Caption. Luckily the AP photographer captured the moment well and here it is.

So have at it, amateur Internet copywriters of the world. How should this caption read?

Follow the jump for winners from Tuesday's C-a-C:

C-a-C: 'Hey Mr. Woodchuck, is this bat made out of ... wood?"

(Great job by everyone on this one ... there were a few I couldn't reprint that got more than a laugh.)

1st — ferto6.

After a satisfying steak dinner, Carlos Quentin likes to kick back and clean his teeth with one of Alexei Ramirez's bats.

2nd — flash.

Carlos Quintin does his best impression of Ron Burgundy, playing the flute in front of his hot date in the stands.

3rd —W.B.

Swish, you liar! There's no creamy nougat center!

HM — Ron Trauma.

"Hey!! This isn't a Silver Slugger Award!!!!!! It's a chocolate bat wrapped in foil!!!!! Awesome!!!!"

HM —GiantKiller.

(To Ozzie Guillen) ".....and when you have something really nasty to say, just do this

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