Corey Dickerson almost had a Little League homer, but then he fell (Video)

A day after the Colorado Rockies allowed three runs to score on one wild pitch, they found themselves the victims of wacky baseball gone wrong again.

The scene: Corey Dickerson hit a deep fly to right field in the bottom of the ninth inning Sunday against the Milwaukee Brewers that bounced off the wall and looked to be at least a triple the way it ricocheted. Dickerson chugged around the bases, made it safely to third and when the throw was off line, he got up and tried to score. Yes, he was going for the ol' Little League home run. 

It looked like Dickerson had a good shot at it too. Until he fell. Right there between third and home. He couldn't get up and run back to third. And he couldn't still make it home. He was dead meat. 

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

While we enjoy wacky baseball, the Rockies and Dickerson had to be left wondering what could have been. They were down 6-4 at the time. After the out, the very next batter, Wilin Rosario, came up and hit a homer to close the gap to one run. The Rockies couldn't score another and lost 6-5. Had Dickerson not fallen or just stayed at third, the outcome might have been different. 

Instead, the Rockies stumbled to their sixth straight loss. Oof.

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