Cool Photo: Snow-covered Yankee Stadium plays host to third annual Pinstripe Bowl

In a scene that we’re sure delighted Yankee Stadium groundskeepers, the Syracuse Orange and West Virginia Mountaineers ran up and down their precious turf during the third annual New Era Pinstripe Bowl in very snowy conditions on Saturday afternoon.

The photo above, provided by the New York Yankees official Twitter feed, gives you an idea of how things looked roughly an hour before kickoff. It also shows you just how much work goes in to simply making a football game happen at a baseball stadium, and how well the groundscrew did battling the conditions to complete the final preparations before kickoff.

It’s also a sight those in my generation and younger generations are not used to seeing since we weren’t around for the days when the New York Giants, Army Black Knights, and others regularly played home games at the old Stadium. Granted, we have seen a handful of college games played there in the past few seasons, but I can’t recall one with the snow falling and the field covered to that extent.

To the credit of those involved in the grounds keeping process, the field seemed to hold up pretty well throughout the game, which Darren Rovell speculated on Twitter may have helped to ensure the Pinstripe Bowl stays in the Bronx beyond its four-year contract.

As for the game itself, it wasn’t much of a contest as the Orange took it to the favored Mountaineers in a 38-14 victory. But we’ll let our friends over at Dr. Saturday fill you in on all those details.

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