Cool creations: A Chicago Cubs ‘beer box’ logo and Wrigley Field in Legos

If there’s one thing we appreciate around here, it’s a little creativity. That’s why we have to show you these two outstanding creations honoring the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field.

The first is an official Cubs logo pieced together masterfully with the scraps of three different beer boxes.

As you can see in the side-by-side, it’s a spitting image of the original logo right down to the smallest of details. Even if we were nitpicking we might only take a point away for the appearance of a red nose. Not a big deal, though, and overall extremely well done. Here’s to hoping it inspires other folks out there to create similar logos for other teams, because we know darn well they‘ll have plenty of beer box scraps to experiment with.

The above photo was originally posted by churchofbrian over at Reddit baseball and comes to us via Dayn Perry of Eye on Baseball. Clearly, Perry has a great eye for obscure and wonderfully crafted baseball related artwork, as he also spotted the photo of the Wrigley Field Lego project that was tweeted out by Jeff Wafford.

The Wrigley replica is actually part of the Big Leagues, Little Bricks baseball-themed Lego exhibition that's on-going at the Louisville Slugger museum. If you visit their official website you'll also find a Miller Park replica made of Legos and superstar portraits of Joey Votto and many others. It's a very cool concept and it's clear that many talented people got involved to help create and complete some great projects.

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