Comerica Park vendor catches line drive foul ball in bucket

We have no idea how well beer, soda and water sales are going this season, but we can say with confidence that the vendors tasked with roaming MLB stadiums are having a breakout season defensively.

First, we saw Phillies beer vendor Earl Chaney make an incredible no look catch with his beer bucket in May, which to date may be the front runner for catch of the season in the stands. There's some tough competition out there though, and that now includes the impressive catch a Comerica Park vendor made with his bucket during the Tigers 9-3 win against the Oakland A's on Wednesday.

Unlike Chaney, this guy didn't have his back to the field when the ball was hit. For that, we're actually thankful, because Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler absolutely ripped a liner foul down the left field line. It was smoked, and it had the potential to be dangerous, but the vendor calmly tilted his bucket and caught it with relative ease, much to the delight of the crowd.

After plucking it out of the air, the vendor pulled it from his bucket, which appeared to be nearly empty at the time, and gave the ball away to a young girl sporting a glove seated a couple rows away.

A great play followed by an even greater gesture. This vendor deserves a tip of the cap, and maybe even an All-Star appearance.

Hey, why not? If MLB wants to spice up the All-Star festivities, they could do worse than a vendor pop up catching contest. It could even coincide with the home run derby. Most outs in the bucket at the end wins. Let's go ahead and book that for Minnesota and get on the phone with these two guys. They've both earned it.

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