Comerica Park’s Singing Hot Dog Man has been fired

Detroit's Comerica Park won't be quite as festive when the team returns from its road trip on Friday. Charley Marcuse, who's also known as the Singing Hot Dog Man, has been fired by his employer, Sportservice, which oversees all of the vending at Tigers games, and will no longer be serving hot dogs at the stadium.

Marcuse had been employed by Sportservice since 1999 and wasn't always in sync — pun partially intended — with the Tigers or Tigers fans when it came to his singing ways. In 2004, the Tigers actually asked Marcuse to knock it off and just serve his hot dogs, but of course that request was ignored. The story then reached national levels with some taking Marcuse's side and others takings the Tigers side. The end result was a compromise that allowed Mancuse to sing between innings when it wouldn't distract from the action on the field.

That sounded fair enough, and it seemed to be working just fine over the past decade, but his era is over now after Sportservice's decision became final.

On Friday night, Marcuse released a statement thanking Tigers fans for their support over the years.

Courtesy of Bless You Boys:

Since 1999, the final season played at Tiger Stadium, I have been selling hot dogs at Detroit Tigers games. What started as a part-time summer job quickly turned into a passion. For fifteen years I have tried to provide a unique, engaging, and fun experience for everyone. The vast majority of feedback and interactions have always been positive. Fans constantly tell me that I have added to their enjoyment of the ballgame. The Detroit Tigers and Sportservice, a Delaware North Company, see it differently. After so many years I am very sorry to see this day come.

I am deeply thankful to the fans for their loyalty and support. It has been an amazing experience serving you for the past fifteen years. All of you are the reason I keep coming back. I hope to have the opportunity to serve you again in the future.

They say all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately for the 33-year-old Marcuse, his run is over. But hey, he pretty much lived a vendor's dream for nearly 15 years and practically grew up in the ballpark. Not a bad experience at all, and who knows, he may be back in a new ballpark sooner than he thinks. We certainly wish him well in whatever his next endeavor might be.

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