Comcast to air 'Manny Being Manny: The Final Days in Boston'

So what do you do in Boston after all the ham is gobbled and the presents are opened on Christmas night? Why, you return to your everpresent Red Sox obsession by watching Comcast Sportsnet's debut of "Manny Being Manny: The Final Days in Boston."

Judging from the available clips, the "special presentation" will be heavy on E's True Hollywood Story aesthetic, but short on any type of inside-the-clubhouse viewpoints. At this point, what are Gerry Callahan and Dan Shaughnessy going to tell us about the whole ManRam-Boston dynamic that they haven't told us already? Wake me when Theo Epstein or Kevin Youkilis wants to shine a brighter light on what really went down.

If you're looking for some good holiday baseball programming, I think the Comcast Sportsnet outlet in Philadelphia is the place to turn.

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