Colonel Sanders and the greatest baseball curse of all time

On the list of things I find awesome, stealing a statue from outside a fast-food restaurant and dumping it into a nearby river with the help of a cheering mob would definitely rank in the top 25.

And on the bucket list of things I'd like to accomplish before I die, ending a long baseball curse by fishing said statue out of the water would be in the top 10.

Which is to say that I'm uber-jealous of the fine baseball fans of Osaka, Japan who 1) threw a statue of Colonel Sanders into the Dotonburi river 24 years ago while celebrating the Hanshin Tigers' national championship and 2) finally pulled it out on Tuesday in hopes of lifting the "Curse of Colonel Sanders" that was said to be the main factor in the Tigers' not winning a title since the sudden submerging in 1985.

From the Associated Press:

The upper half of the statue was found Tuesday in Osaka's Dotonburi River during construction work to build a new walkway, according to city official Hideo Yuko. His legs and right hand were found Wednesday morning.

The colonel will be kept in police custody for the time being, but Yokakawa said KFC is considering donating him to the home stadium of the Tigers in Osaka. The store where he originally stood has since closed.

The whole thing is just awesome, though I have my doubts that KFC actually levied a hex on Hanshin. That's because back in college, one of my friends "borrowed" a statue of a sitting Ronald McDonald while on spring break in South Carolina, brought it back to Madison in his Nissan Pathfinder and spent the rest of his college career chilling with Mickey D's man on his couch. To this day, he's doing quite well for himself and you'd never describe him as "cursed."

True story.

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