College umpire takes embarrassing tumble after hit batsman ruling (Video)

College baseball season started off with a bang on Friday afternoon in Tallahassee, Fla. Or maybe it was a thud, depending on whether you were talking about Florida State’s 11-5 victory over the University of Rhode Island, or the unfortunate tumble home plate umpire Bruce Ravan took during the sixth inning.

With apologies to Mr. Ravan, I'd rather talk about the latter.

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The fall happened with Seminoles designed hitter Marcus Davis at the plate. On a 1-2 pitch, Davis was grazed on the front elbow by Brad Applin's fastball. And I do mean grazed. At first and second glance it almost looks like a letter high strike three, but Ravan had no doubts, firing out of his stance to make his definitive call.

It all goes downhill from there, though, as Ravan loses his balance and begins a slow motion stumble up the first-base line. It's the type of stumble we've all witnessed several times at the ballpark, just rarely on the field. He then finishes it up with a very clean face-plant and roll about 20 feet up the line that would have scored very well had judges been involved.

It had to hurt a little bit, too, though we're sure the damage done to his ego will last a lot longer than any physical pain.

Another reason to be thankful? Opening day in college baseball is just one more milestone that brings us closer to opening day in Major League Baseball -- 43 days and counting.

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