Has Cole Hamels been tipping his pitches in the playoffs?

Philly folks shift from theory to theory as to what ails Cole Hamels(notes) these days.

Why hasn't he dominated as he did down the stretch and in the playoffs a year ago, when he was the World Series MVP and couldn't be touched?

Well, it could be ...

Too many pitches piling up on his tender left arm

• Too many off-the-field commitments

• Too many off-the-field commitments II

• The lovely Mrs. Hamels has "changed him"

Fatherhood is distracting to him

Bad defense is distracting to him

• He just ain't that good

With no answer good enough to satisfy so far, there's a new word out of Philly.

Hamels might be tipping his pitches.

From Paul Hagen in the Philadelphia Daily News:

"Sources indicated that the Phillies were concerned that the left-hander has been tipping his pitches by the placement of his wrist. As a result, he was supposed to use a larger model of his black TPK glove for his start in Game 5 [Wednesday] night. The idea was that it would help disguise the telltale sign.

"Phillies personnel wouldn't confirm the switch. 'But that would make sense,' one insider allowed with a knowing smile."

Hamels denied he changed gloves, though Hagen is uncertain the lefty was being forthcoming. If Hamels did switch gloves, it didn't help. He had his worst start of the postseason so far in Game 5.

Still, it wouldn't hurt to take another look from a different angle.

No. Don't see anything unusual. Back to the drawing board on fixing Cole Hamels.

The Phillies have less than a week to do it.

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