Cody Ross won't be getting a Ferrari for winning NLCS MVP

Well, at least he won't be getting one from his former boss.

In a funny bit of news first reported by Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald, Cody Ross(notes) recently called Jeffrey Loria — probably as a joke — to see if he could still collect on a 2009 pledge that the Florida Marlins owner made to his team in spring training.

As Ross remembered it, Loria said he'd give his Ferrari to anyone who was named NLCS MVP. And since Ross won the award last month — albeit with the San Francisco Giants after being placed on waivers by Florida in August — surely Loria would be willing to hand over his keys. Right?

Heh, not quite. When asked by Spencer about the conversation, Loria said Ross didn't qualify for the giveaway ... even had he been on the Marlins while winning it.

You can't blame a guy for trying, I guess.

From the Miami Herald:

"I said whoever wins the MVP in the World Series and playing for us can have my car," Loria said. "The whole concept was to get to the World Series."

"He (Cody) called and said, 'I won (the MVP) for the NLCS. Does that count?' I said 'Not exactly' and 'You're not playing for us. But I'm very happy for you.'"

Of course Loria is happy for Ross. Being happy for him doesn't cost a dime.

But ponying up for an orange Ferrari like the one that belongs to Thomas Jones? Well, that's a more expensive story altogether, especially for a dude who refuses to shell out for five years of Dan Uggla's(notes) services.

Good thing Ross looks happy while riding that trolley.

Big BLS H/N: Joe Frisaro

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