Clown Question Bro beer, inspired by Bryce Harper, donating profits for killed policewoman

David Brown
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The moment 16 days ago that 19-year-old Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals uttered "That's a clown question, bro" he probably had no idea it would come to this: A Denver brewery that recently created a beer inspired by Harper's phrase will donate money, at Harper's suggestion, to a memorial fund supporting the young daughter of slain policewoman Celina Hollins.

Kids say, and do, the darnedest things.

The Washington Post reports that someone in Harper's camp recently called Charlie Berger, the brewery's co-owner, to talk profits from the beer Harper is not old enough to drink legally.

On Monday morning, after the Nationals had arrived in Denver, Harper learned from local news reports about the killing of Officer Celena Hollis, a veteran policewoman who was raising a 12-year-old daughter on her own. Harper had recommended Denver Beer Company donate a chunk of the proceeds to a memorial fund that will support Hollis's daughter.

"It's exciting to hear from Bryce," Berger said. "We were making this beer just for fun. We never thought it would pick up to this extent. First of all, we're definitely flattered. More important, the fact that he was making a lot of good come from it, it's valiant. It says something about Bryce."

A question to Harper from a Toronto reporter about possibly taking advantage of Canada's lower drinking age prompted his original response. The silly exchange has transcended pop culture and become something more than amusing. It's going to help a little girl who needs it:

A public viewing that started Friday morning continues until 9 p.m. local time in Denver, and "thousands" are expected at Hollis' private funeral Saturday. Hollis was shot and killed as she investigated a disturbance at a free jazz festival in Denver this past weekend. A single mother, Hollis leaves behind a daughter, who will need more than money to make it through life. But the fund started in her mother's memory will help.

The Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union is accepting donations. Harper will be responsible for a big one.

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