Cliff Lee’s unusual garbage endorsement has his likeness picking up trash in Philly

Kevin Kaduk
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With Cliff Lee currently on the disabled list since April 22, Philadelphia Phillies fans haven't been able to watch their star lefty take the mound for their team every five days.

But depending on where they live, some Phillies fans have been lucky enough to see Lee once a week at the bottom of their driveways. Lee's move into the world of waste management sponsorship last year has resulted in his likeness recently being placed on the side of J.P. Mascaro & Sons garbage trucks in the Philadelphia area.

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I don't think I've ever seen a professional athlete endorse a waste services company, but you can't blame Cliff for jumping at the chance to throw a few cans of Benjamins in his own hauler.

I mean, easy bread for giving the old thumbs up to the garbage man? Fuhgeddaboutit!

From J.P. Mascaro & Sons:

The billboard messages of 'value,' 'dedication' and 'proven performers,' describing both Lee and the Mascaro company, were well-received and had a positive impact on our business," said Mascaro Director of Communications Frank Sau."This year the company is taking its affiliation with Cliff Lee one step further. Cliff Lee — or his lifesize likeness, at least — will now be riding along with Mascaro's front-end waste collection trucks as they perform their daily commercial routes."

Decaled onto the sides and backs of the trucks are lifesize likenesses of the Phillies pitcher and the Mascaro logo depicting the partnering of Cliff Lee and J.P. Mascaro & Sons as "two proven performers" in their respective professions — baseball and waste services.

Taking the correlations a bit further, no one notices either profession until they've had a bad one, there's a chance you can stink the place up if you have one bad day and someone's really going to grumble if they have to follow you and clean up the mess you left behind.


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