Cliff Lee accepts Twizzler from young Brewers fan while waiting in on-deck circle

During a Philadelphia Phillies exhibition game at Citizens Bank Park in March, Cliff Lee and teammate Cole Hamels were seen operating the team’s hot dog cannon as they shot Hatfield brand hot dogs into the stands.

Hey, you give a little, you should get a little, right? I think so anyway.

It took awhile, and it wasn’t in Philadelphia, but Lee finally got a little back on Friday at Miller Park in Milwaukee. No, it wasn't a hot dog. He was a little too busy waiting in the on-deck circle to scarf one of those down. But he did accept a very delicious snack in the form of a Twizzler from a young Brewers fan seated second row.

That, he had no trouble consuming as he watched Freddy Galvis pop out to third base for first out in the seventh inning. A nourished Lee then stepped into the box himself, but unfortunately there’s no story of the young fan’s Twizzler giving him the motivation or strength to do something special (not that a Brewers fan would have wanted to) because he grounded out routinely to shortstop. In the bottom half of the inning, Lee would allow Milwaukee to tie the game up with a pair of runs, and then watched as Aramis Ramirez delivered the game-winning hit in the ninth.

Come to think of it, that snack break didn't go well at all, did it?

Oh well, despite all of those setbacks, we're sure Cliff Lee was very appreciative of the gesture. And hey, if you're planning on attending a Phillies game in the near future and were hoping to meet Lee or secure his autograph, I think we may have found the key to getting his attention. A Twizzler for a signature (and perhaps a photo) seems like a fair trade to me.

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