Jose Canseco (maybe?) wants to play for the Indians. Or be Pope. Whatever you got.

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

In recent days, the Cleveland Indians signed buy-low contacts with Jason Giambi and Daisuke Matsuzaka. Both decent deals for the team. And then, like a nosy neighbor who spots you carrying in groceries and runs in your house to see what you bought, Jose Canseco tried to weasel his way in.

The tweet above is funny, let's admit that. But with Canseco, you never know if he's trying to entertain, if he's desperate for attention or if he's fishing for an opportunity. These days, his life is all about getting retweets, recording podcasts (that still happening?!?) and running for mayor in Canadians cities. You can't take anything too seriously with Canseco -- but we know he hasn't completely given up baseball.

So let's just pretend he's serious. Him and Manny Ramirez joining Jason Giambi would make for a good reality TV show. A good baseball team? Hardly. But you have to laugh at the idea of Canseco patrolling the outfield where a ball once famously bounced off his head.

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Knowing Canseco, he'd probably get Sammy Sosa to kick his Pinterest habit and convince Terrell Owens to try baseball. The whole group of them could become baseball's version of "The Expendables."

Oh wait, it would appear Canseco has already moved on to his next scheme. He's now campaigning on Twitter to be the next Pope.

Vaticanseco? Can't lie. It has a ring to it.

Plus it gets Cleveland off the hook AND Jose doesn't have to worry about a baseball hitting his head again and rattling around whatever marbles he has left.

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