Cleveland Indians hotel pseudonyms: Jake Taylor, Denzel Washington, Carmen Electra and J-Lo

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

A hotel mishap in Minnesota put the Cleveland Indians rooming list into the hands of a regular guest. Then, of course, the list made its way onto the Internet.

A few of the jewels here: Someone checks in as Jake Taylor (the Indians catcher in "Major League"), other players use pseudonyms as Denzel Washington, Carmen Electra, Tar Zann, Mr. Romeo, Dick Tracy, J. Lo, Shania Twain and Jed Clampett.

So ... Jake Taylor has to be Jason Giambi, right? Who's our bro-tastic bud Nick Swisher? Tar Zann? Jed? Or, heck, J-Lo? We don't see Carlos Santana, Mark Reynolds, Michael Bourn or Justin Masterson on the list, either. Any guesses on those guys?


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