Cleveland Indians closer John Axford goes 18-for-18 picking the Oscars

Cleveland Indians pitcher John Axford throws during spring training baseball practice in Goodyear, Ariz., Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

As The Stew has noted before about right-hander John Axford, he fancies himself a motion picture aficionado. A year ago, he correctly predicted 14 of 15 winners of the Academy Awards, missing only best director Ang Lee of "Life of Pi." Shucks, he said at the time.

Well, Axford has since moved on to the Cleveland Indians to be their closer, but he's still predicting the Oscars — and he's getting better at it. Axford correctly called 18 of 18 Academy Awards for 2014 on Sunday night. Now that's pushing the envelope.

Some have called it a "perfect game" — naturally, with Axford being a pitcher, even a reliever, it's a fun pun — but the Academy Awards gave out 24 awards. Even though most of the winners were favorites so it wasn't that hard — some meanie media members might have mumbled — Axford did a great job, no doubt about it. But a perfect Oscars is 24 for 24. Axford got 18 of 24 for 75 percent. He's still six outs short of a perfecto.

What did he leave out?

• Production Design: "The Great Gatsby."

• Sound Mixing: "Gravity."

• Sound Editing: "Gravity."

• Animated Short Film: "Mr. Hublot."

• Live Action Short Film: "Helium."

• Documentary (short subject): "The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life."

A stopper, leaving out the short categories. Disappointing.

Major League Baseball didn't give Felix Hernandez a perfect game because he went seven spotless innings against the Rays on Aug. 15, 2012. King Felix went nine, because baseball's a nine-inning game. The Oscars go to 24, which Axford acknowledges:

He certainly does. And it's not like Axford hasn't gone off on an extended tangent before. He once saved 49 straight games when pitching for the Brewers. He can do 24 of 24 Oscars.

Just for the record, here are all of Axford's predictions: 

Had he not seen "Dallas Buyers Club" before Saturday? What a late call to the pen!

Sorry, Daniel. Who do you close for again?

As if "Gravity" were pulling at you!

No, Swish, that's not what he's doing here! Can't you see?!

Why are you betting against Axford, Slim?

Brad gets it.

"Her" was awesome. She was great. Both of them were fantastic!

Dunn paid for the movie! He's the biggest Dallas Buyer of them all!

Woody Allen mention by Blanchett surprised some. Probably not Axford.

All right, all right, all right!

"You're wrong." Doesn't happen, missy. Not here.

Nice job, Ax. But even better luck next year.

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