Chris Sale pummels unfortunate cooler after rough outing against Rangers

Chris Sale pummels unfortunate cooler after rough outing against Rangers
Chris Sale pummels unfortunate cooler after rough outing against Rangers

Chicago White Sox left-hander Chris Sale was not in a good mood following his outing against the Texas Rangers on Friday night. And for good reason. In seven innings of work, Sale was tagged for eight runs (all earned) on eight hits (four home runs), including Ian Kinsler’s third inning inside-the-park home run that would have been a double had left fielder Dayan Viciedo not lost track of the ball.

It was just one of those nights where nothing went right for Sale. A night I'm sure he can’t forget soon enough, but his frustrations almost ensure he’ll be thinking about it, perhaps even feeling it, for at least a few more days.

After wrapping up his final inning, Sale began taking out his frustrations by venting at home plate umpire Jerry Layne. The exchange was short, but heated, and had Sale fuming by the time he reached the dugout. Once there, Sale went a little crazy, smashing his glove repeatedly into a helpless cooler stationed on top of the White Sox dugout bench. At the end it looked like he may have added a couple open hand chops to the barrage before wrapping it up with a solid right forearm.

Watch the full outburst here

As for Sale's explanation of what caused him to snap.

''I really have no excuses in my corner, really,'' Sale told the Associated Press. ''My arm felt good, my body felt good, my mind was right. I even felt like my stuff was good. Sometimes you just get beat.''

“When you don’t do your best and, quite honestly, get your rear end kicked around for seven innings, you’re going to get frustrated.”

I would say so, yes, because this was about as violent a dugout outburst as you'll see that doesn't include a bat and either a Gatorade dispenser or a bullpen phone. Thankfully, we can report that Sale didn’t accidentally injure his himself in the madness. A broken finger or knuckle probably would have sidelined him for the rest of the season. We can also tell you the cooler appears to have survived the incident intact as well, which speaks to its toughness and durability. For now we'll call it day-to-day.

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