Chris Sale celebrates Miguel Cabrera’s ejection

David Brown
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Although he made the All-Star team is a fringe candidate for the Cy Young Award in the American League, left-hander Chris Sale hasn't had much to celebrate this season with the Chicago White Sox on pace to lose about 95 games.

No matter, Sale wasn't about to let a little victory go unnoticed Monday night after an umpire ejected Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera for arguing during the first inning. The Tigers have a good enough lineup to get along without Cabrera, the likely AL MVP, but Sale's job is just a tad easier when the guy who leads the league in batting average, on-base and slugging percentage isn't hanging around for more than one plate appearance.

Presumably, the video above shows Sale giving a "hallelujah!" to the powers that be for expunging Cabrera from Detroit's lineup. Sure enough, the White Sox won 5-1, with Sale allowing a run, four hits and a walk over eight innings. Sale also struck out eight, including two whiffs against Cabrera's replacement, Ramon Santiago, who went 0 for 4.

In a joking mood after the game, Sale (via also continued to be grateful:

When asked about not having to face Cabrera, Sale joked that it's not a bad thing when "the best hitter to ever walk the planet" makes a very early exit. He continued the joke saying that he looked skyward and said, 'Thank you,' after the ejection.

Whoa, "the best hitter to ever walk the planet"? Sale really was excited.

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