Chris Perez gets profane in chat with A’s fan

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

Kansas City's Jeff Francoeur made a lot of national headlines earlier this season when he had a stack of pizzas delivered to a group of hungry Oakland A's fans at the Coliseum.

Cleveland closer Chris Perez is about to get the same attention for delivering a stream of profanity to an A's fan over the weekend.

The exchange between Perez and the fan is so bad that we can't block quote most of what the Indians pitcher said to the fan, let alone embed it here. But Deadspin has the video if you're a curious adult who can either watch it at home out of a child's earshot or at work while wearing headphones.

The gist of the video: An A's fan taunts Perez about Cleveland's sunken season and his ability to close games. Perez responds with a few directives, including telling the fan to check his stats and to do something that's anatomically impossible (for most of us, anyway).

The fan is not without a lot of fault here. He greets Perez by forgoing Gary Carter's favorite euphemism and it's impossible to know what the fan said before the cell phone camera clicked on. Perez is a fiery and honest guy — just ask Indians fans who have felt his wrath — and the frustrations of Cleveland's collapse the last month have likely taken their toll.

Still, in this age of camera phones and 24/7 attention, Perez has to be a little more careful about what he says. It doesn't matter if he's outspoken or if he doesn't care who hears what. It's never a good idea to say this type of stuff in front of a fan who's going to run straight to YouTube and post it with a title of "Chris Perez keepin it real profesianal." (sic)

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