Chris Johnson’s glove webbing had a Spidey sense at Coors Field — for one play, at least

Chris Johnson didn't have the best of starts on Monday, committing a first-inning error that led to five Colorado Rockies runs and later a 9-7 loss in the first game of a doubleheader.

But while the Houston Astros third baseman and his teammates would lose both games of the twin bill, Johnson's glove did not betray him in the seventh inning of the first game.

Well, not fully anyway. Watch what happens after Johnson nabs a foul pop-up off the bat of Carlos Gonzalez, performing the not-so-easy-task of retiring the Rockies star:


Seeing a ball get stuck in a fielder's webbing is nothing new, of course. It happened to Mark Reynolds early last season and Ian Desmond the year before. Going back to 1999, Orlando Hernandez threw his glove to first to get an out because the ball was stuck inside — a move that reminded everyone of the time that Terry Mulholland did the same thing to Keith Hernandez in 1986.

But the common ingredient in all of those bloopers is that the balls fielded were hard-hit grounders or comebackers. Seeing the force of gravity causing a sticky situation seems to be a little more of a rarity, but it turns out that it also happened to Colorado first baseman Todd Helton during a game at Coors Field in 2009 (see the video below).

Maybe it's the mountain air?

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