Chris Davis answers ‘Are you on steroids?’ fan question (‘No,’ Davis says)

David Brown
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Is Chris Davis having season that's too good to be true? Coming into action Monday, Davis had launched a major-league leading 31 home runs for the Baltimore Orioles in 82 games and 342 plate appearances — which puts him on a Roger Maris-like pace. He even has a trace of a chance to reach Barry Bonds territory, 73 homers.

In all of 2012, when Davis got 562 plate appearances, he managed 33 home runs total. Going back even further, Davis hit a total of 42 homers in 953 plate appearances over parts of four seasons with the Texas Rangers.

Now that he's 27 years old, Davis seems to have it all figured out. Not only with the home runs, but with everything — he's batting .332/.406/.728. He already has a career high in doubles and he's about to surpass his personal high in walks. His minor league stats show someone who seemed capable of something like this sort of season, but it's true, Davis is playing well beyond any expectations.

Given his past struggles and his unprecedented personal success in the majors, along with recent history in Major League Baseball in which some think everyone is guilty until proven innocent, Davis made at least one fan (and probably many more) wonder:

And his answer:

There you have it. A direct question gets a direct answer. No equivocating. No gray area. No "speak to my attorney." Not even umbrage, at least that's obvious. Just a flat "no."

Now, Tran didn't ask if Davis were on "performance-enhancing drugs," or "HGH" or "testosterone," so it's possible that Davis is legally giving himself some wriggle room. But as long as he (presumably) continues to pass drug tests, we should believe him. It's really simple:

• He passes the tests.

• He says he's clean.

Therefore, he's clean. Enjoy it.

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