Chris Colabello homers on mom's birthday as she's being interviewed on Twins broadcast

Chris Colabello of the Minnesota Twins gave his mother, Silvana Colabello, one of the best birthday presents she could have ever asked for on Wednesday night, and it all happened in front of a live television audience watching on FOX Sports North.

Silvana and her husband were in attendance at Tropicana Field to watch their son's squad face off against the Tampa Bay Rays, which by itself was enough to make it a happy birthday. However, her day only got better as Chris came to bat in the fourth inning. At this point, FOX Sports North's Marney Gellner found Colabello's parents in the stands and began conducting an interview with the couple. In the midst of the interview, Colabello connected for a game-tying two-run homer that brought Silvana out of her seat and gave everyone watching goosebumps. 

"Another present," Silvana exclaimed afterwards.

She then turned to Gellner and said, "You knew it," as if to suggest Colabello was planning this all along and Gellner was in on it. 

There's no way it could have been planned, but there's also no way it could have played out any better. It was a made-for-TV moment that we all got to experience with the Colabello family, and no matter how many more home runs Chris Colabello hits — that was the 10th of his career — it's tough to imagine he'll hit one that's more satisfying on a personal level. 

And that's saying something, too, considering the 30-year-old had to toil away in the Can-Am League for over six seasons before getting an opportunity with a major league organization. After signing with Minnesota in 2012 and spending most of the next two seasons in their minor league system, he finally got a call up late last season and made his first opening day roster in 2014.

Now that the opportunity has come, he's making the most of it. In fact, through the first three-plus weeks in 2014, he's been one of the best stories around the league. That continued Wednesday, not only with the home run, but his two-run single in the 12th inning proved to be the difference in Minnesota's 6-4 victory.

That raised his AL leading RBI total to 26, which also ties a Twins franchise record for RBI in April with six games to play.

Have a month, Chris Colabello!

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