Chris Capuano aggravated calf injury during Greinke-Quentin fight

David Brown
Big League Stew

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Chris Capuano is a smart person, probably one of the smartest in Major League Baseball, having graduated Duke with a degree in economics. But he's also a teammate who is duty bound to come to a colleague's aid in a time of crisis. So Capuano, brain and all, found himself sprinting from the bullpen a week ago as teammate Zack Greinke and San Diego's Carlos Quentin wrestled each other to the ground in a bench-clearing fight.

And, as it turns out, Greinke wasn't the only Dodgers pitcher hurt during the fight, as's Ken Gurnick reports:

Capuano said the tightness he felt before that game became tighter while he sprinted in from the bullpen during the fracas that was triggered when Greinke hit Quentin with a pitch.

Capuano said he thought the injury had responded enough to four days of treatment to allow him to start Tuesday night in Greinke's place, only for the muscle to partially tear when he sprinted off the mound to cover first base in the second inning.

Smart guy does dumb thing, goes on 15-day disabled list. In a way, Capuano can't win. If he doesn't follow the other relievers from the bullpen, or even if he strolls in casually, his loyalty is questioned. Maybe his reputation is ruined. A lot of good his big brain does him then. All in the name of testosterone and honor!

Of course, Capuano is not helping the Dodgers too much by sitting on the disabled list, is he? If only everybody else was as smart as Capuano.

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