Chipper Jones says he won’t watch games umpired by Angel Hernandez

It seems those of us on the outside looking in aren't the only ones tired of umpire Angel Hernandez's antics. Atlanta Braves legend Chipper Jones, who shared the field with the veteran arbiter on numerous occasions throughout his 19-year career, weighed in with a few of his own opinions and criticisms of Hernandez on Twitter during the Atlanta Braves 5-4 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies on Friday night.

To Jones credit, he managed to keep his tweets clean. That's not always easy while watching baseball from his new perspective. But his message was definitely clear: He wants the Angel Hernandez circus gone from Major League Baseball.

Braves catcher Gerald Laird and manager Fredi Gonzalez were ejected in the second inning for arguing balls and strikes with Hernandez. Jones was also not pleased by what he perceived as Hernandez squeezing Braves starter Paul Maholm or his conduct in dealing with the situation. A short time later, he added the following.

Jones, who according to his words was no longer watching the game, then returned for a parting shot.

By the way, in case you may be thinking this is sour grapes on the Braves part.

You really can't spin it that way after reading that. I mean sure, to some degree it's sour grapes, but Hernandez has a way of drawing that reaction out of people. He's this generations version of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Though unlike Heenan, his is not supposed to be creating that reaction.

Unfortunately for Jones (and I suppose all of us), getting rid of Hernandez won't be as easy as he made it sound. Expecting people to tune out when their favorite team is playing isn't realistic. Neither is expecting Major League Baseball to react to his tweets. They'll see them. They'll understand them. They may even sympathize with them. But they aren't firing Angel Hernandez. At least not until he gets tired of being the center of attention.

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