Chipper Jones and Braves bristle at Melky Cabrera’s cross-chop celebration

Melky Cabrera's troll march through Atlanta this week isn't being received too well among the locals at Turner Field.

Chief among them: Chipper Jones, who called out the San Francisco outfielder on Wednesday night for his methods of celebration during the Giants' victories in the first two games of the series.

Cabrera has gone 4 for 10 with a homer, a double and three RBIs in the two wins and has been marking his achievements with a quick cross-chop motion to his pelvic area. He also reportedly taunted Braves fans by motioning that he's going to throw baseballs to them and then not following through.

Cabrera played for the Braves in the 2010 season after being traded from the Yankees for Javier Vazquez. He clearly didn't leave a good impression on Chipper, who was peeved after Wednesday's 9-4 loss and wanted to know the answer to just one question.

Who died and made his former teammate Pete Weber?

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

"That's Melky, and that's why he's not here anymore," Jones said. "He got a little happy when (Gregor) Blanco hit the home run (in the 10th). It won't be forgotten."

If you want to see what the Braves have seen, Getting Blanked has a roundup of at least three animated GIFs of the cross chops. And be sure to return to Big League Stew later in the day for footage of a Braves pitcher telling Cabrera they're going to give him a baseball — and then actually delivering by tomahawking a fastball right into his back.

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