Chicago Cubs ignore Atlanta Braves GM when he tells them to clear field

David Brown
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Welcome to the family, Atlanta Braves GM Frank Wren. Now you know what it's like for Chicago Cubs fans, who have been ignored, frustrated and ticked off by their favorite Major League Baseball team for more than 100 years.

Several reports from Atlanta's Turner Field describe what must have been an awkward scene Friday afternoon, with the Braves wanting to take batting practice and Cubs players refusing to clear the field even after being implored to leave by Wren.

Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune saw Wren lose his patience:

Hilarious! Several minutes later:

The Cubs seemed to put up a fight, even though they also seemed to be in the wrong. Still unhappy at his guest's behavior, Wren sought satisfaction from a higher power, Cubs manager Dale Sveum:

Specific times for each team to use the field before the game are posted in every clubhouse. The times vary, but the rules are universal. Very often there will be some overlap after BP starts — with players from both sides milling around near each other — though the home team usually goes first. In this case, it's the Braves. With the protocols in place and the rules generally understood, it's unusual for Major League Baseball teams to have arguments like this before a game.

Rather than talk, the Braves should have used force and started hitting, then watched as the stray Cubs relievers dodged incoming line drives. Justin Upton with a bat in his hands has a way of influencing people that Frank Wren cannot match. Hey, the Braves warned 'em!

Not only is it funny ha-ha, but it's also funny peculiar that the adults were having an argument about this, and that the general manager of a team happened to be the point man/enforcer of the issue. Don't mess with Frank Wren. (This will affect how he's rated on the Sexiest GMs List, no doubt.)

As for the Cubs becoming the league's new outlaws, hey, it's a better image than they're used to projecting. Team president Theo Epstein really has changed things. No longer will they be the mild-mannnered meeklings to which we've become accustomed. Winning, of course, is still to be mastered.

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