Chicago Cubs ad wizards should be ‘Committed’ after strange choice for 2013 slogan

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Lots of teams in Major League Baseball engage fans with marketing and advertising campaigns. Many of these campaigns have snappy slogans that are one, two or three words long. The Kansas City Royals, off the top of my head, are going with "Come To Play." It has a double meaning. The team is going to "Come to Play," as in they're serious (this time!) about winning games. Conversely, fans can "Come to Play" at family friendly Kauffman Stadium. OK, fine.

The Chicago Cubs and the Schafer Condon Carter agency, in their misguided genius-ness (not a word), have chosen a slogan, too. It is called:


They have chosen poorly.

Via's Carrie Muskat, the Cubs try to explain themselves:

"The Chicago Cubs and Cubs fans are solidly committed to each other as we embark on the most remarkable journey in all of sports -- winning a World Series at Wrigley Field," Cubs senior director of marketing Alison Miller said. "This campaign showcases the emotional connection of our fans who are part of that journey, and the Cubs' commitment to building a championship-caliber organization from top to bottom."

"Committed," of course, has another meaning colloquially. It means someone (even yourself) has been confined to a mental hospital for, perhaps, an open-ended amount of time.

The Cubs actually make some sense now.

The Cubs have been driving their fans crazy for more than 100 years, since at least 1908, the last time they won a World Series. Why not just come out and say on the pocket schedules what their intentions have been all along? The debut of "Committed" coincides with the selling of single-game tickets at Wrigley Field, the grand old asylum herself.

"The Committed Cubs: You'd have to be nuts to watch us play!"

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Various print, online, radio and out-of-home advertisements will appear this week, including ads on the CTA Red Line, Blue Line and Brown Line platforms, and billboards on major highways and streets throughout the Chicago area.

Great, the city will be littered with signs telling the world how Cubs fans have been transformed into a lunatic fringe.

The Cubs' error not only comes by hatching "Committed" as a campaign in the first place — I'm sure it seemed great on the drawing board — but by apparently failing to realize that people would think of what else being "Committed" means.

One of these days, the Cubs will learn. Maybe next year.

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